Record number of Gun Background Checks in December Due to High Demand

According to the FBI, gun background checks increased by 49% over December 2011 to 2.01 Million. 1  The change is as a result of high demand.  Violence Policy Director Josh Sugarmann said the rise in gun sales after a mass shooting is “disturbing.”

“While the majority of Americans look for solutions to stop the next attack, a minority of gun owners runs to hoard the very guns used in the most recent” incidents, Sugarmann said in an email. 1

Smith & Wesson has a different view:

“The last eight years (have) been very good to be a handgun company. The market has expanded significantly, and long guns having done pretty good, as well,” said Smith & Wesson Chief Executive James Debney at a December 12 conference for investors. 1

James Debney



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